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Commercial combined Insurance

However complex your commercial combined insurance requirements, SMI can offer the complete service you expect from an established specialist in this sector. Our relationships with insurers give us access to a wide range of specialist insurance products.

This policy provides cover for the main insurance needs of a business where relevant covers can be selected from a combination of Material Damage, Business Interruption, Book Debts, Employers' Liability, Public and Products Liability, Money, Goods in Transit, and Specified Items 'All Risks'. The policy is designed to meet the needs of most businesses where some form of manual work is apparent. This would include manufacturers, distributors, repairers, finishers, printers, wholesalers, engineering companies, contractors to name but a few.

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The covers available for commercial combined policy are:

Material Damage

This policy provides cover for a business's material property. Two basic levels of cover are available:


'Defined perils' - fire and additional perils of lightning, explosion, aircraft, theft, riot, malicious persons, earthquake, storm, flood, escape of water, impact by vehicles or animals. Optional subsidence cover, sprinkler leakage, glass and terrorism. 

'All Risks' - accidental loss, destruction or damage including all defined perils. Optional subsidence cover, sprinkler leakage, glass and terrorism.

Business Interruption

Provides the business with financial compensation following an insured loss under the Material Damage cover and is designed to help the business return to a normal trading position as quickly as possible. Cover can be provided in conjunction with Material Damage or as part of our Combined policy.

Book Debts Cover

(Optional extension to Business Interruption) Cover is provided for outstanding debit balances, which cannot be collected as the records have been damaged or destroyed by an insured loss under the Material Damage cover.

Employers' Liability

This policy protects companies against damages and legal costs that arise as a result of claims from employees suffering an injury or disease due to, and during, their employment.

Public and Products Liability

Cover is provided in respect of legal liability to pay compensation including legal costs for:

  • Accidental death or personal injury to any person excluding employees

  • Accidental loss or damage to third party material property. Cover can be taken with or without liability for products supplied.


This cover is provided for physical loss or damage of 'money' pertaining to the business, occurring within the UK.

Glass & Signs

This provides All Risks of physical loss or damage to fixed glass and signs attached to the building

Goods in Transit

This provides cover for property whilst in transit within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or the Republic of Ireland to the limits selected by the customer.

Specified Items 'All Risks'

This policy provides cover for loss of or damage to items specified by the customer, cover can apply at specific premises only or within the territorial limits of the UK, EU or world-wide as requested.

The standard duration of this non-investment insurance contract is 12 months.

Optional covers include:​

  • Computer breakdown cover

  • Loss of computer records

  • Engineering inspection insurance

  • Sudden & unforeseen damage to engineering equipment

  • Personal accident and sickness cover

  • Legal expenses cover

  • Fidelity guarantee

  • Efficacy

  • Cover for exhibitions


Property Damage

The range of risks to be insured against can usually include:

Accidental Damage. Aircraft impact. Earthquake. Escape of water from any tank, apparatus or pipe. Fire, Lightening Explosion. Impact by any road vehicle or animal. Riot and Civil Commotion or Malicious Persons. Sprinkler Leakage. Storm, Tempest or Flood. Subterranean Fire. Subsidence. Theft.

Property Owners Liability

Provides cover for costs and damages which you may be legally liable to pay as compensation to third parties, for accidental injury or damage up to a limit, usually £2M. Additional extensions can be added to your commercial property insurance cover. These include:

Contractual Liability. Court Attendance Compensation. Data Protection Act. Defective Premises Act 1972.

Legal Expenses

Offers legal advice and protection against the costs and expenses of legal proceedings which may be taken against you. Policy features usually include:

Legal Advice - Access usually to a free phone no which provides advice on all business related legal matters, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Property - Payment of legal fees to pursue compensation for damage to your property.

Prosecution Defence - Defence costs after an event which results in certain criminal proceedings. 

Please contact us for full details

Loss of Rent

Covers loss of rental income following damage to the buildings and/or contents. The range of scenarios insured against, are similar to those covered in the property damage section. Additional benefits can be included such as: -

Alterations and Additions -Increase in rental income following alterations, additions and improvements or newly acquired premises.

Denial of Access - Prevention of access to the premises due to an insured event.

Infectious and Contagious Diseases - Interruption to the business as a consequence of a notifiable human disease. 

Rent Reviews - Increase in rental income following a rent review.

Employers Liability

Covers for damages, legal costs and expenses for which you are legally liable, in respect of bodily injury or disease to employees. Possible extensions might be: -

Court Attendance Compensation. Health & Safety at Work, Legal Defence Costs. Unsatisfied Court Judgements.

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