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We Could Save You Money

The simplest of motives!

With access to various policies and discounts from insurers across the UK, we are well placed to find you competitively priced product that meets your needs.


SMI Placings Limited

9 Regent Gate

83 High Street

Waltham Cross


Tel: 01992 787 333

Fax: 01992 787 733



Monday - Friday 

9:00am to 6:00 pm

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We can ensure you have the right insurance cover
We Could Save You Time

Course you could spend days, weeks, even months trying to find the best policy, but do you want to? Let us use our experience and systems to help you quickly and easily.

Do you have adequate insurance cover if the worst should happen?

Are you paying for insurance cover that you do not need?

Many people get it wrong and unfortunately may only find this out when they make a claim. 
We will make sure that the policy you choose suits all your needs.

Helping everyone

We will help you find an insurance policy regardless of who you are, where you are located, and even if you have a poor claims history.

Assistance with your claims

Claims can be a stressful process that is not always helped by having to ‘negotiate’ directly with an insurance company. Having an assistant on your side, someone who knows the processes and talks the same ‘language’ as an insurer, can make the process quicker and remove the factor stressful for you.

SMI Placings we are A Commercial Insurance provider and have vast experiences in this field spanning to over 50 years combining the Directors history within the commercial insurance sector, we have built a reputation for offering an informed and professional service in all aspects of commercial insurance (and claims). We have access to all the UK's leading insurer's with the ability to provide bespoke polices to suit all our customers’ needs.

We provide this unrivalled service to all our customers throughout the UK, doing our best at all time but just in case you need more convincing... 

All our calls are answered by UK based, on-site staff that are fully trained to understand your enquiry. So whether you need general advice or urgent assistance, you can be sure that we will be able to deal effectively with your call.

No call centres

You’re never just a reference number at SMI. We’re proud to be traditional in the way we address and work with our customers. You can always expect polite and experienced staff that will give you a personal service every time. (Please note that this includes visits where appropriate, which will only be done by a Member of our Sales Team.)

Personal service
Independent, professional advice

We are independent insurance brokers. This means we are unaffiliated to any major insurance groups. All advice given by our staff is independent and carefully compared with all the leading companies, ensuring that you get the best unbiased and professional advice.

Making a claim is never easy. At SMI we won’t make the experience any more difficult than it needs to be. We are here to handle your whole claim procedure from cradle to grave. Once your initial call is made you can relax in the knowledge that we have you covered and will take matters on from here.

Stress-free claims handling

We have years of experience in providing guidance on the main areas of risk management for businesses of all sizes. Many of the insurers we use provide risk management tools either at no charge or at discounted prices.

Risk management guidance

We understand that everyone has a different set of circumstances, so our primary aim is to make sure we provide a solution that’s right for you. We don’t stick to rigid price plans or packages, but instead can provide you with a fully bespoke insurance package that is designed and built to give you the right cover at the right time.

Bespoke insurance Solutions

Our team has decades of combined experience in customer care and insurance services, so you can be confident when dealing with us.

Decades of experience ​

When your policy is due for renewal we will market the policy for your using all the markets we have access to, and provide you with details of this excise priory to renewal of your policy. 

Fair market analysed
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