Treating Customers Fairly Service Charter

What TCF means to us

TCF is central to our corporate culture. The following statements summarise what TCF means to our company.

For our customers:
  • Being able to identify with our customers and understand them and their needs.

  • Having trained and competent people dealing with all our customers, who are experienced and have expertise in their areas of business.

  • Employees only providing advice in areas where they are competent and authorised to do so.

  • To deliver a service to our customers that meets or exceeds their expectations.

  • Being considerate and appropriately transparent.

  • Communicating in an open and fair manner with clear, precise and relevant supporting documentation

  • Providing an appropriate level of post sale service.

Business practice:
  • Conducting an ongoing review of how we conduct our business to ensure we are treating our customers fairly.

  • Ensuring we effectively recruit competent persons and identify any training needs at the outset of employment (prior to customer contact).

  • Having integrity in all our business practices.

  • Consistently doing the right thing that is equitable to all parties involved.

  • To ensure all internal and external communication is of the highest possible standard.

  • To utilise only those suppliers who meet the quality requirements of the company for the benefit of the customer.

  • Being prepared to change our behaviour if needed.

  • To be successful, innovative and profitable.